© Nathalie Arun installation up in the air
© Nathalie Arun installation up in the air

Installation "up in the air"


The installation belongs to a series of works (2 paintings and 2 installations) dealing with the theme "traces".

The installation consists of transparency prints of 55 different photos. They dangle in the air.


The transparencies represent a big bow - referring to a classic imagination of heaven.


The photos show a search for traces of auratic spiritual influences such as "a look into the blue", feathers as symbols of great ease, clouds around big mountains, clear sun and white snow, intensive blue, structures and traces of men such as window curtains and tables outside in front of a panorama of high mountains. 


We see places of desire and natural power. The central question is still open. In the moment we perceive traces we lose them or they appear soon in a changing shape: structures of trees upset down, feather beings - or not, white dust covering a clear view - up in the air.


installation and text: Nathalie Arun 2010


material: photos, transparencies, filament, 5 x 5 m


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